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Copywriting and SEO

Poorly written copy tarnishes the quality of your marketing material, and therefore the image of your firm, no matter how good the design may be.

It is vitally important that your website and promotional materials contain interesting, accurate and well-crafted content.

We have many years experience of writing and editing legal content, and understand the marketing aspects involved when your content is read by clients or prospects.

We also make sure all web content is optimised for search engines, to your specific requirements, so you don’t need to instruct a separate SEO company.

Email Marketing

A regular email newsletter allows you to stay in touch with clients and reminds them why they may need or want legal advice.

We can provide your firm with a customised email newsletter, together with automated list management and a powerful distribution tool.

LegalWords Services

Employment Law Advertising

If your firm specialises in employment law for employees – particulary if you offer conditional fee arrangements – you may like to advertise on a new employment law information website managed by LegalWords.

Aimed at disgruntled employees who are looking for information on their rights, www.suemyboss.co.uk is fast growing in popularity as a result of cutbacks caused by the recession.

About LegalWords

Below are some of our best design works we have done for client

Legal Words is a niche company based in Bristol, providing copywriting, SEO and online marketing for the UK legal sector.

Founded in 2008 by Alex Heshmaty as LegalTechie, the company has now rebranded under the name Legal Words. Alex is a law graduate with over a decade of experience in the legal technology and publishing sectors, previously working for Emplaw and Conscious Solutions.


Who We Are? Information About Us

Here’s a selection of some published writing work:

The Guardian
The long arm of online libel laws (2011)
Internet Newsletter for Lawyers
Google Hummingbird takes flight (2013)
Google Drive and Chromebook (2013)
Skype for Lawyers (2013)
DIY Law (2012)
Legal Apps Arrive (2011)
Why Email Newsletters? (2008)
Virtual Lawyers – how far can they go? (2005)
Website Design for Lawyers (2004)
Web Acronyms Galore (2004)
Delia Venables’ Legal Resources in the UK and Ireland
Legal Apps (2011 – Present)
Social Media for Lawyers (2012 – Present)
Association of Legal Administrators
Legal Management – Law Firms and the Mobile Web (2013)
Legal Services in the 21st Century (2012)
Evolving Legal Technology and Emerging Trends (2012)
Law Donut
Cutting through employment law red tape (2012)
The Times
Keep up to speed with a law app (Quoted, 2012)
Legal IT Professionals
Evolving Legal Technology and Emerging Trends (2012)


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